How Schools Are Certified

The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department offers all HISD campuses the opportunity to earn a Family Friendly School Certification. This research-based process assists schools in building strong family-school-community partnerships that support students’ academic success through:

Building relationships with families and community

Linking family engagement activities to learning

Supporting parent advocacy

Honoring families

Facilitating parent-led events

Why It Matters

Research indicates than when parents feel welcomed and appreciated at school campuses, they tend to influence their children’s academics outcomes positively. The Family Friendly School certified campuses tend to have better academic results, fewer discipline issues and better attendance rates. Becoming certified as a Family Friendly School can also benefit effectiveness and morale on your campus (Karen Mapp et. al. 2007).

2022-2023 Family Friendly School Certifications

Schools received a star for each qualifying Family Friendly School activity. The number of stars received determined certification levels. Click on each certification level to see what award your school received.


2022-2023 Family Friendly School Activities

2022-2023 Required Campus Events

Schools, with collaboration and assistance from the FACE specialists, will choose to complete several tasks across the areas of need, including the following. Every completed task will earn the school a star and the number of stars earned by a school identifies the campus’ level of family-friendliness and corresponding recognition which ranges from Bronze to Diamond certification.

Required Activities by Certification Level

Certification Criteria

• Any school regardless of former certifications and participation may achieve the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Certification.

• Returning Family Friendly Schools certified as Gold during the 2021-2022 are allowed to achieve the platinum certification.

• Returning Family Friendly Schools certified as Platinum during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 are allowed to achieve the Diamond certification.

• Campuses new to Family Friendly School (FFS) Program might achieve up to Gold Certification during 2022-2023.

Parent Involvement

Family Workshops

HISD 101: District Resources

(Required) Families will get an overview of HISD’s key resources and tools available to aid in student achievement.

A Parent Lens: Parent Teacher Conferences

Families will learn benefits and preparation strategies for Parent Teacher Conferences and explore HISD’s “Student & Parent” resource website.

Balancing Work and Family:

Families will gain best practices in managing a healthy lifestyle by providing parents examples and ideas on how to balance work and family during unprecedented times.

College & Career Readiness:

Families will learn the benefits of career readiness for parents, various types of adult continuing education opportunities, and discover post-secondary pathways.

Connection Before Correction

Families will learn positive reinforcement tools to improve their child’s learning and overall academic success.

Plugged-In: K-8 Digital Safety

Working together with to provide parents the knowledge to make educational decisions on when to get their kids a phone, keeping them safe online and guiding them to have a healthy online independence.

Literacy at Home:

Families will learn strategies to support reading and writing at home using activities that develop comprehension in reading and writing to start mastering literacy concepts.

Math 1, 2, 3

Families will be guided through the current math strategies their child is learning and how to support academic success at home.

Investing Thoughtfulness & Kindness in the Real World

Families will learn how to live healthier lives by learning the various types of kindness, compassion and how to pay it forward.

Setting Limits: Encouraging Positive Behaviors

Families will be given tactics on how to manage and set limits for common problematic child behaviors.

2 Way Communication: Best Practices for Campuses

Participants will be able to strengthen their overall communication skills by learning two-way communication best practices to foster positive relationships in their interactions.

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